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                There is only one success:

to be able to spend your life
in your own way


  1. About Katherine Knapp and Live Better Longer

My journey toward the creation of Live Better Longer began years ago when my mother died of lung cancer at the age of 57. She was so young and she had so much she was looking forward to doing with her life “later…. when she had time….when she had money….when the kids were grown….after…..”, and tragically, she didn’t make it to “later”. It was a strong lesson for me in my late 20’s, as I was just getting married and beginning my adult life. I realized in that moment that life is short, and we need to savor every moment in the present, while building toward our futures. Balance is the key, and it's not so easy to attain in today’s hurried world.

I began researching how diet and lifestyle can significantly affect our health, and I studied business systems that could offer me flexibility and FREEDOM on a daily basis. Freedom, health, and longevity are my driving forces. After years of searching and learning, I stumbled onto a company that offered everything I was looking for in one easy packaged system.......


Where we started and where we are today are as different as night and day.
It was not by chance.   It was not by luck.
We were looking for a business system that would offer steady growth and stability over time .
system we could count on in spite of yo-yo economies.
A system not affected by the ups and downs of real estate and stock markets.
We were looking for a "Plan B" that we could realistically implement ...
while we maintained our current incomes from our careers.


Why Now?

The best time to start your  "Plan B"  is BEFORE you need it.
If you wait until you need it, it's too late.....and it's later than you think.

Will you be able to retire?
Social Security statistics show that only 5% of Americans have enough money to retire comfortably without assistance from family or the government. Do you want to depend on Social Security?

Do you have the financial freedom to do what you want,
and  the security of knowing your lifestyle is not going to stop even if you have to stop working?

What if you become injured or sick?
Will your income continue forever at the current rate or better?

How are you going to build that college fund?
The average college tuition is currently over $50,000 a year and rising rapidly every year.

What Legacy will you leave your family?
Do you have a willable asset for future generations?

Have you found a way to change that? Do you have a Backup “Plan B” ?

It’s not about working more hours at your current job….a 2nd or 3rd job….waiting for an inheritance…..or, winning the lottery…..

There is a better way, and we can help you achieve your personal goals as we did ours by following a proven system. click here to learn more.....


Did you know.....

In order to have $1,500 per month of retirement income you would have to have invested $450,000 of after tax income
paying 4% interest?

Current savings accounts are paying less than 1% interest, so if you are relying on savings for that same $1,500 per month income,
you'll need $900,000 in your savings account!
Consider instead,
Converting your current Household Spending into Earning to fund your own Shopping Annuity
through the Shop.com Unfranchise Business System. Ckick here to learn more.